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About Me

The Expert Adviser

Kevin Koharki MBA, PhD, consults with, provides keynote speeches for, and advises some of the world’s largest firms (e.g., Fortune 100) across various industries such as banking, insurance, distribution, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, law firms, among others. He specializes in developing employees’ and Executives’ financial acumen so they understand and can communicate the financial value of their work, optimizing CEOs’ capital allocation priorities across their respective organizations.







Kevin is a sought-after keynote speaker for firms of all sizes, as well as various trade organizations, such as the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.  He has conducted financial keynote speeches in lieu of firms’ Chief Financial Officers, presenting to Executives and board members.  In addition, Kevin has conducted “Investor/Analyst Day” presentations for internal personnel so they understand the key strategies and metrics senior leaders focus on to drive business performance, as well as how external markets participants evaluate and influence firms.

Firms seek Kevin out because he is an expert financial analyst who has analyzed hundreds of firms over a 20-year career (including as an M&A analyst).  In addition, he has taught financial statement analysis at the Executive, Masters, and Undergraduate levels for 15 years at leading universities such as Pennsylvania State University, Washington University in St. Louis, and Purdue University, winning numerous awards.  He earned his B.S. (Accounting), MBA (Finance), and PhD (Accounting) from the Pennsylvania State University.    

Our Mission

CAE stands for Capital Allocation Enhancement. Capital allocation is a firm's most important task. If done properly, trust is reinforced up and down the organization, maximizing value for all stakeholders. At CAE Consulting, LLC, our goal is to provide employees with the tools necessary to apply a "financial mindset" to business problems, ensure confidence in employees' ability to use and analyze data, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. In doing so, we ensure that trust is reinforced throughout the organization and that the firm's capital is not misallocated but rather utilized to enhance the strategic and financial outcomes of senior leaders.

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