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"Demand for the program is increasing within our organization by word-of-mouth. Prospective participants are calling me weekly to see how they can join an upcoming cohort.” - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm

“Applying what I learned during the Program allowed me to generate the business case for two internal
investment opportunities. As a result of the course saved roughly 10 hrs (20 hrs total) for each ofthe activities.” - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm

“Proposed 2 small capital projects (<100K) and used some of the financial benefit calculation topics tobolster my business case analysis. I'm estimating this saved me at least 16 hrs time (less time forfinance buy-in, less questions during certain approvals, less time asking someone else to calculate IRR,payback, etc.).” - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm

"You made a complex topic understandable" - Top 5 Global Bank

"We want your program to be longer, as you speak "bankanese" - Top 5 Global Bank 

"Upon completing your course, I was promoted to Senior Vice President and now manage $1 billion of firm capital" - Fortune 100 Insurer

"Knowing this material is necessary if you want to be in a leadership role." - Fortune 100 firm

"I used to fear board meetings but now I am an active, confident participant" - Fortune 100 Insurer

“This is helpful in getting people thinking more 'financially' within our Research and Technology
organization and helping the team to appreciate the importance of how we allocate capital. I estimate
this more financial thinking will help reduce time for capital / project requests by perhaps 20%.” - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm

"We tried the major consulting firms and you beat them all" - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm

"You simplify the most complex topics so easily across various industries" - Top 5 Global Bank 

"I use the metaphors and techniques you taught us several times per week" - #1 Global Chemical Distributor

You make sure we are all on the same page and know when we are not" - Fortune 500 firm

"Proposals are now approved in hours instead of weeks, if they were at all" - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm 

"We are now spotting inefficiencies and proactively trying to fix them" - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm

“Engineering and finance often do not speak the same language.  In this case, the intangibles were more important to engineering, but the tangible ROI was needed to get finance aligned. When attempting to focus on the ROI, engineering struggled with deciding how exact was "good enough" for the purposes of the estimating activity. Conversely, finance struggled with activities that didn't show a direct cost savings. Utilizing the tools, along with some of the discussion points picked up during the training, helped provide the info needed to help translate and get everyone moving in the same direction. As we look ahead to the future, there will be more opportunities to share the learnings through guiding the different sides of the business on how to understand each other.” - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm

​ “The tools we learned have been paramount to meet challenging performance requirements as cost increases have been above-plan.  Understanding what good, better, and best look like really opened my eyes to the utility of these tools.” - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm

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