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“Business and financial acumen are crucial skills for any leader, allowing them to make informed decisions that drive growth and profitability” - Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors

Reinforcing Organizational Trust and Building Confidence Through Financial Acumen


1. The Issue:


Trust is reduced and problems arise within a firm when employees lack the skills necessary to justify how their decisions financially impact the firm.

What I Hear Most Often:

  • Employees unsure of their decision-making ability fear that their career growth may become stifled.

  • Rising leaders unable to provide the training and coaching necessary to resolve the issue risk jeopardizing the mutual trust required for success.

  • C-Suite executives are unable to achieve peak performance due to the lack of trust resulting from unclear ownership and unreliable financial decisions.


“Proposals are now approved in hours instead of weeks, if they were at all” - Fortune 100 Aerospace and Defense firm

2. The Solution:


Employees who can read, interpret, and analyze financial statements are trusted to make better capital allocation decisions for their firms.

How My Offering Can Help:

  • One-on-one coaching for executives who want to show potential for the next level in their careers.

  • Multi-day learning program for small to large cohorts that include: 1) Rising Leaders with potential for the Executive level, 2) employees who want to better manage projects, portfolios, and programs, and 3) those who want to show potential for growth.




“I use the metaphors and techniques you taught us several times per week.” - #1 Global Chemical Distributor

3. The Impact:


Employees who trust their own financial decisions will garner trust from their leaders, prevent and/or solve problems, and demonstrate potential for growth.

The Value to You and Your Firm:

  • Accountable and confident employees more willing and able to seek out "stretch" roles within the firm.

  • Employees who take ownership to partner with other business units and stakeholders will reinforce trust at various levels throughout the firm.

  • Employees who can justify the financial impacts of their decisions can more easily contribute to executives' long-term goals for the firm.



“Upon course completion I was promoted to Sr VP and now manage $1B+ of firm capital” - Fortune 100 Insurer

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